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The HOTTEST TREND in the food industry for the last few years has been a resurgence in Frozen Yogurt. But WHY????

The Frozen Yogurt Concept is taking the nation by storm. In a time where most restaurants are struggling just to keep customers, the Frozen Yogurt Stores are opening up and thriving all over the country. Why?

Why Customers are excited about Frozen Yogurt?

• High Consumer Demand

Once your customers experience frozen yogurt they want to come back.

• Healthy Options

Customers are looking for healthy alternatives.

• Repeat Customers 

Frozen Yogurt can be enjoyed on a daily basis, guilt free.

• 100% Customer Satisfaction

The Self Serve concept is designed for customers to take a cup, fill it up, add toppings, weigh and pay by the ounce.  This empowers the customer to get whatever they want, every single time! 100% Customer Satisfaction since they created their serving!

• Self Serve is FUN!

Why Entrepreneurs are excited about Frozen Yogurt!

  • High Gross Profit/Low Food Cost item
  • High Cash Flow generator
  • Popular with Consumers
  • Lower Labor Expense when you have a Self Serve Concept
  • Lower Start Up Costs when compared to traditional restaurants
  • Fast Growing concept
  • Low Saturation
  • Taylor Professionals on your consultation team, maximizing your Profit and Success Potential

Let ABS & Taylor Ent., Inc. show you how to start a Frozen Yogurt Shop, or add a Frozen Yogurt Concept to your Restaurant or C-Store by clicking here.